Nimeni si nimic nu este mai presus decât un client mulțumit!

Gadanecz Zoltán

Suntem pregătiți să ducem noțiunea de consultanță imobiliară la următorul nivel!

Robert Szocs

Dear Customer, Dear Colleague,

The GDN Real Estate Network started its operation on the Hungarian market on the 1st of February 2012. Since then, we became a dominant and shaping player of the market.
Many of our Franchise partners and employees worked at international and domestic real estate offices. This wide-range experience helped us greatly to learn that nothing is more important than focus on the customer.

GDN in everyday life...

Our company, as a real estate office, provides comprehensives, all-inclusive services, from consulting through contracted real estate sales, to removals.
The staff of the GDN Real Estate Network is connected to several domestic and foreign partners, thus, we are capable of involving several real estate market participants into the selling of a property.
Continuous training and education of our colleagues provide up-to-date knowledge in the real estate market. It is also important for us, that both the seller and buyer can conduct the purchase quickly and reliably, through our cooperation.
We offer the following comprehensive services, together with our reliable partners:

  • Legal representation: legal issues, consulting and property registration, related to purchase and sale are part of our services.
  • Loan counselling: : an independent advisory team will look for the solution currently best for you.
  • Financial advisory: our consultants, who are independent from financial institutions, help you to plan for short- and long-term expectations, expenses, and investments.
  • Energy Certificate: Our full authority expert will issue an energy certificate, which is valid for 10 years and has a unique HET identifier.
  • Renovation:: A reliable, technically knowledgeable building professional assesses your home, gives a written offer and undertakes a complete renovation. The certification of our expert can be verified through our records.
  • Moving: Our moving partner undertakes not only transportation, but also packing, the most exhausting of activities.

If you need either of these partner services, please feel free to contact us!


Exclusive search authorization:

If you do not have time to look through the full range of offers, and you do not want to be in connection with the several real estate offices and more consultants, provide us with an exclusive search authorization, and we will find you the suitable property.

Check out our selection of properties, or send us your requirements, and we will search for the right property for you.

Mr Zoltan Gadanecz is, the owner of the GDN Real Estate Network:

In each company’s life, ideas that are the most basic and determinative are those, that derive from the head of the company, and on which the company can build on, subsequently. Meet the basic pillars of our company!
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If this is the experience of our colleagues, what experience will you have?

The leader is a good leader if he can also pass on to his colleagues, what he himself represents. Our colleagues tell us what they think, what their experience is with us, here and now.Join us! Click here!
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We respect the opinions and attitudes of our colleagues because we shape the market together, thus we also formulate the perception of our profession and occupation.

Dear Visitor, prospective Colleague,

Get to know us, so that you’ll see that you can be successful in a good team, where you also count. When customers are satisfied, the colleagues are satisfied, too. If you smile in your office, and you enjoy yourself with us, than you are at the right place. You have arrived.


Team building events

It is important to come together every year, taking advantage of the weather, spending a day with fun games, funny competitions, in addition to splendid concerts. Recreation, relaxation and good mood are guaranteed. Become a member of our team!

Year closing events

The end of the year is the celebration of family and friends. We created these events for our colleagues, so that they can see off the whole year of work, in a pleasant and special environment. Make time for each other, with a glass of champagne and a really delicious dinner. Of course, the concerts and dances are necessary parts of the evening is. Come and celebrate with us!


If the owner of the network is such an enthusiastic, then you also will be, when you belong to this team.

Apply here and now! Click here!

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Our colleagues told us...

Every man kindles the fire below his own pot, they say.
But if it not us who say, that you will be successful with us?!
If it is not us who say that it was a good decision?!
Our staff’s opinion reveals all about us...

The videos are available only in Hungarian.